I’m a big fan of swaddling babies because it makes them feel so secure and safe.  However, I live in a Florida and the thought of swaddling a baby in flannel or fleece makes me shudder because it’s just too hot!  That’s what I love about these swaddling blankets from Maki’s Connecting Hearts.  This set of three 100% cotton gauze blankets are so soft and comes beautifully boxed and each blanket has a different design: green bird, blue elephant, and a teddy bear design.   There’s even a washcloth included as a bonus.  The size of the swaddling blankets is very large – 47″ X 47″ so it’s perfect for swaddling most any size infant.  (The back of the box has a diagram to swaddle a baby for the novice swaddler!)  Besides swaddling, these blankets can be used as a cover for a car seat or stroller, a cloth to wipe up spit up or a cover up for breastfeeding.  This set is perfect for any new mother and would make a wonderful shower gift.

Amazon link to view or order: Swaddling Blanket