Since I live in Florida, my home is a favorite “bed and breakfast” for my friends and family who live in the west when they want to visit Florida’s beaches and attractions.  Having an inflatable air mattress comes in very handy!  I had an air mattress previous to buying this one and I wasn’t happy with its performance, particularly the fact that it lost a lot of air during the night.  I was happy to give this queen mattress by Restoration a try.

The mattress comes in a roomy carrying case.  The directions say to keep it rolled/folded up and plug it into a wall socket to inflate (with a cord that is stored inside the end of the mattress control dial area) or it also can be manually inflated.  Once I plugged it in and turned the built-in air pump dial to “Inflate” it took only about two and a half minutes to have a firm mattress ready to use!  The one downside is that there is soft of a high-pitch squeal while the air pump is running.

Once inflated the mattress is very firm and comfortable to lie on.  It’s more than 17″ high when inflated so you don’t have the sense you are sleeping on the floor and it’s easier than other air mattresses to rise to standing.  The top has the luxurious feel of velour which keeps you cooler than sleeping on vinyl.  If that’s not enough, the control dial also has a “deflate” setting and the mattress quickly deflates and is easy to roll up a stow away in the bag provided.  There’s also a vinyl patch if you should get a leak.

All-in-all it’s a great mattress and one I can highly recommend.  I received this product at a reduced price in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Link to view of order: Queen-size Inflatable Mattress